Who needs the 5Rhythms?

We can all benefit from the 5Rhythms practice. I really do believe this. Who wouldn’t be able to take great advantage from an activity that powerfully integrates the mind and the body?

We all could.

There are, however, some of us who could particularly benefit from this practice. Especially those of us who:

1. Have a tendency to do a lot of thinking and get confined in our heads. Think, think, think, plan, plan, rationalize, strategize…hello, body, where are you?

2. Have daily, weekly, and monthly life stressors that build up without a regular detox system to release them. The bombardment of external pressures (like jobs, kids, relationships and juggling it all) and the internal emotional forces (such as guilt, anger and frustration) store up in the body like a pressure cooker and keep us on edge and ready to erupt. Bottled up stuff in our bodies can really affect our health. We know this, but sometimes it still stays stuck.

3. Have routine ways and patterns of moving that don’t change much (like the ‘get up, go to work, sit at desk, come home, sit at a desk, move to the couch’ fixed way of moving through our day). We can get into movement ruts, even if we are active, where we don’t venture past our typical range of movement and do the same types of actions over and over again. Habitual patterns can really kill creativity.

4. Live in the past or in the future and are not living so much in the present here and now moment.

5. Are feeling stuck, scared, and trapped in a big life rut.

Are any of these scenarios you? They are common for so many of us.

We need this practice, the 5Rhythms. It gets us connecting to our bodies, releasing physical and emotional pressures, tapping into our imagination and creativity, living in the present moment, and creating a momentum that creates new possibilities and opportunities in our lives.

I’ve witnessed so many people: younger, older, male, female, different cultures and ethnicities, varying body shapes and sizes, physically and mentally able to those who feel physically and mentally challenged, come onto the dance floor, stay in their comfort zone or step right on out of it and leave shifted, altered and really benefiting from the experience.

It does take courage to try something new and to be willing to shake up the status quo. We can benefit from putting ourselves in a practice that moves us, changes us, and gets us unstuck.

This practice is powerful. It changes lives.

We all need the 5Rhythms.


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