Bringing 5Rhythms movement into everyday life and making it an ANY day practice

This may sound crazy but I just did the 5Rhythms movement practice in a bathroom stall at a ferry terminal and created a shaft of freedom for myself.

Just 60 seconds of putting my body through these five patterns of movement, with intentional use of my breath, and I noticed a shift, an adjustment, a possibility for a new response. Really. My perspective changed.

Why? You ask.

An hour earlier I arrived at the ferry terminal in great time to catch the next sailing-plan. “Excellent, home early on a Sunday.” Unfortunately, not the plan to be had. The next two sailings have been cancelled due to high winds and there is a chance I have to spend the night in the car line up as the wind continues. A crisis? Certainly not. However, enough to get me very bitter, grumpy, impatient, angry and feeling quite stuck, emotionally and physically, in this negative state.

Not that there is anything wrong with feeling bitter, grumpy, impatient, and angry; it’s the reality of what my first response can be when I am presented with “this is not The Plan” and “frankly, I don’t like the New Plan”. However, it becomes a problem when I STAY stuck in this very bitter, grumpy, negative state and don’t let anything else move. It certainly prolongs my suffering, as well as anyone close to me, and, it really does suck to be in this (or any) kind of stale, fixed, and immovable pattern.

I have to confess, this is not the first time.

I’ve been a bathroom stall (empty boardroom, kitchen, stuck in traffic) mover before. Moved myself. Created inner space. Shook myself up when I could have stayed frozen in a pattern. There have been, and are, many opportunities (at work, with my family, with my extended family, when something unforeseen comes up and knocks me sideways) to put my practise into practice.

I don’t always make this decision and take the opportunity. But, right now, I make a choice to use this practice in a freedom fighting way; to get things moving in real life.

60 seconds of practice later I feel more at ease, loosened up, and, frankly, a bit daring and sassy doing something covert in my private stall in this busy bathroom. I did create freedom and used the 5Rhythms as an ANY day practice.

Well, tonight, I do get to go home. We are the second to last ferry to get across before they close the terminal. Today I made a choice, in my own small way, to get myself unstuck from a fixed pattern and use my 5Rhythms movement practice in everyday life.

5Rhythms can be an any day practice.

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