What They Say

“I take your classes because I am thrilled at being able to surrender to movement and energy, both internal and external, each week. It gives my mind a holiday. Afterwards I always feel grounded, full of self-acceptance and relaxed. Your own self-expressions with 5Rhythms, projected into our practice, keeps me attentive to how my own being expresses itself in this world, how it relates to others, and is ever changing.”
– Doug Seeley

“I appreciate your realness, your frankness, your humanness, and your willingness to show up as you are, you model that for all of us. There’s a no BS attitude, yet a gentleness and humility about your approach that I appreciate.”
– Tamara Mortimer

“I feel energized when I leave and very alive when I’m there. I couldn’t get into sitting meditation but dance meditation does it for me. You make it into a distinct spiritual practice while still being a fun workout.”
– Edward Butterworth

“You are accessible yet personal, you are bold, generous and courageous.”
– Isa Sevrain

“What I appreciate most about your class is the quality of the space you create. It is a space of invitation, suggestion, invention, non-judgment, acceptance, attentiveness, passion, honesty, and authenticity. I am convinced that you could not create this kind of space unless you yourself embodied these same qualities. What you offer us is your self on your journey, which I believe is the most important offering a teacher can make to students. I appreciate the manner in which you offer prompts, always reminding us—and we so need these constant reminders—that there is no right way, that we ourselves should decide how far to go, that we should listen more closely to our bodies than to our minds. And yet, you push us, urge us to our edges, and we show up for you because we know you are paying attention to us, holding the space for us.”
– Antoinette Oberg