5Rhythms® Movement Practice

Creating the Possibility for a Bold Life

A Break From Thinking

Sometimes you need to get unstuck, release stress and tension, shake it up and take a BIG break from thinking. You feel tense, frustrated, and dissatisfied when what you want to feel is connected, relaxed, powerful and passionate.

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You can have more fun and freshness.

You can have more confidence and joy. You can connect more fully to yourself, to others and to life. You can have more freedom and aliveness, creativity and self-expression. You can be more fit, strong, flexible and healthy.

Create A New Possibility

Rooted in Gabrielle Roth’s powerful and healing movement practice called the 5Rhythms®. Anne Marie Hogya is dedicated and passionate about getting ALL bodies moving and creating the possibility of living a bold, fully expressed, passionate life.

Movement For Any Body

These 5Rhythms® dance meditation movement classes and workshops in Victoria, Vancouver Island, Canada, are for ANY body, any gender, any age and any fitness level. You do not need any previous dance training or movement experience. You don’t need to memorize any steps. You won’t get it wrong.

Move Your Body Transform Your Life

There is such transformation that can happen when you put your body into motion. Things shift: your thinking, your patterns, the way you see yourself and the world. The 5Rhythms® dance practice is powerful. After doing a class you can feel more alive, free, loose and natural. When you continue to regularly dance and move, you can frequently experience shifts and transformation in other areas of your life. Best of all, the programs and lessons are always so much fun for everybody.

Show Up As You Are

All classes and workshops are grounded in the 5Rhythms® practice and use movement to focus in on specific themes. You will dance to all kinds of music and sometimes be in silence. Sometimes you’ll dance with a partner, sometimes by yourself and sometimes in a group. There is so much to learn and experience in these different levels of relationship.

Every class and workshop is a unique and self-contained energetic experience. You do not need to have been to a previous class to benefit from the movement and the teachings. Anne Marie is committed to being real and accountable and to providing the space, permission and guidance for you to do the same. You can learn from which ever class you come to. Just show up as you are.

* 5Rhythms® is a registered trademark, used by permission of Gabrielle Roth and the Moving Center® New York.