Movement is the throughline of my life. It’s the language I speak. 

I’ve been moving and inviting others to move for as long as I can remember.

Anne Marie Hogya

My Story

What I’ve witnessed — as a movement specialist, occupational therapist and speaker — is that when something seems immovable, movement is the answer.

Bringing this work together blends medicine with creativity and healing with imagination, and weaves scientific left-brain thinking with right-brain artistry. I see myself as a kind of investigator, searching out the connective threads that leave people feeling hopeful and alive.

Everything in my life and career has convinced me that when we move our bodies, we transform our lives.

Anne Marie



Master of Arts in Leadership (2004)

Bachelor of Science, Occupational Therapy (1994)


Aboriginal Focusing-Oriented Therapy and Complex Trauma, Justice Institute of BC (2017)

5Rhythms, Heartbeat level, The Moving Center New York (2015)

Progressive Goal Attainment Program, University Centre for Research on Pain and Disability (2011)

5Rhythms, Waves level, The Moving Center New York (2008)


College of Occupational Therapists of British Columbia  

Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists 

World Federation of Occupational Therapists